The IMPOSSIBLE Chocolate Illusion!!😦

Publicerades den 30 maj 2021
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  • Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange.

  • Simple geometry

  • I’m glad most the people here are over the age of 12 and see how dumb this is. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book haha

  • Give me the Bonus piece lol problem solved

  • Um the box got smaller

  • It's not snug in there as it was before this obviously isn't magic... just a dumb trick 😒😒😒

  • Stupid

  • mmm yes the chocolate duplication glitch

  • I want

  • The outline he places the pieces in, is 1/4 inch inside the actual box sides. So yea you made fewer pieces for in a smaller space. That's how it works

  • "Willy Wonka hates this one weird trick!"

  • Wow

  • There is space between both sides of the chocolate bar box..... giving you the illusion that the box is actually smaller then what it really is.

  • Math nerd here. The secret is the rectangle is slightly smaller than you think. It looks like it fits in the box, but there's some space left. How much space? Exactly as much as that BONUS piece. If you somehow could border the chocolate bar with that BONUS piece, it would fit perfectly in the box.

  • It’s sad because wether you like it or not there will always a bit of chocolate gone

  • Nigga spent money on a chocolate bar that spells chocolate

  • It’s made smaller

  • I still have absolutely no clue how it works, it still just looks like some strange glitch in the matrix

  • Proof that chocolate is sinful.

  • Dude the cracks of missing chocolate and corners/sides all equal up to the small piece to the right

  • That's this stupid trick everybody has already seen on the internet but despite that I can't help but being impressed by this video, I still don't get how it is possible to do that and I feel like i just saw total magic, even if I know it's a logical/maths thing 😂

  • Edward: That is not the law of equivalent exchange.

  • What’s it called

  • Do we really need 4000 people pointing out in the comments that it's an illusion even though it's says so in the title and this is literally a magic/puzzle channel? Like does humanity really need that. 4000 people. Pointing out the obvious.

  • He is to powerful to be kept alive

  • It's a lot shorter now than when you first opened it. No, this man did not figure out how to break the laws of thermodynamics. He just knows how to hide the fact that they're cut and not broken very specifically to do this with

  • Scam

  • U didn't do shit my guy

  • And people wonder why I pay attention in geometry

  • Nice ripoff video of the chocolate bar trick that came out like 8 years ago... Smh

  • The box it comes in is bigger for the extra space of the chocolate and the label you put the chocolate over on the box is smaller


  • you just put it back wrong -the illusion

  • Imposter

  • no no no i saw that

  • That doesn't make sense

  • Infinity chocolate 👁️👄👁️

  • I want one😊

  • " heyyyy V Sauce ! Michael here !" 😅😅 when you watch alotta V Sauce ,, these things don't do much to surprise you anymore 😅😅😂🥴🤣

  • Except the box is bigger than the wrapping

  • Did y'all really need to watch "The vsauce video" to understand basic geometry?

  • I love chocolate.

  • I was waiting for a "wtf" scream at the end. consider me disappointed.

  • Alchemy

  • The black outline on the wrapper visually accounts for the residual rectangle mass of chocolate not included in the reassembly.

  • Public schools show this to every 14 year old going into high-school where its goes semi viral online every year and and people are still shocked and creating more videos on this.

    • @paddotk that doesn't change the fact thats its been trending every year for the past like 5 years

    • I never had that in school.. Don't expect everyone's education to be the same

  • Unlimited chocolate glitch (not patched)

  • It's not as big as it was so not really magic lol

  • If you melt it you'll be able to fit trice the size of that chocolate there

  • Ok I'm wrong. Oops

  • He has two pieces of the same size.

  • Actually stupid

  • This man: I made chocolate out of nothing! VSauce who made a video about it: Or have you? **vsauce music starts**

  • it legit says bonus on the choclate xd

  • Angles

  • I wouldn't say it fitted perfectly in there 🤣 I seen a cm on either side

  • Cover that foil that's the diff

  • nice cut between showing all of the pieces and then showing all of the pieces and the “extra” one

  • Oh easy, it doesn't. It make the illusion of fitting perfectly together but is that amount of chocolate smaller

  • It seems like a lot of people here arent understanding this illusion fully due to watching Vsauce's video. This specific illusion does not really have anything to do with the gaps between the chokolate pieces. The pieces fit together just fine (Which is ironic because this is in another Vscauce video), but the image underneath is meant to make the bar look wider and longer than it is.

  • Geometry man, that’s how

  • You didnt create chocolate out of nothing bro 😂. The company sent an extra piece.

  • Ooooo your so talented

  • there’s small gaps on the sides of the box

  • Seen this trick thousands of times already. It is timr for the humanity to let go.

  • Me who watched the vsauce video about this when it came out: I am no mere mortal, you cannot fool me that easily.

  • peopele be watching chris who's channel is all about illutions but because they know the chocolate trick act like assholes (guess what, its for the people who dont know)

  • No one: The extra chocolate: *Bonus*

  • U see when you just got it new there were no spaces but when u got the bonus piece u got a lot of spaces in between so its not a hack its just you shrinking the chocolate

  • The extra bit of chocolate was hang on the edge of the box at the start dumb dumb

  • Maybe bc it’s flipped upside down and it’s opened already so you can’t see that the whole middle slant part says bonus!

  • The old shrinking box trick

  • It's the way it positioned and the law of conservation of mass states that mass cannot be destroyed or created indicating that this is just an illusion

  • You just put the chocolate in differently. I'm guessing that the chocolate is cut in that why but it's pretty cool

  • Geometry *im bouta end this mans whole career*

  • Learn basic geometry

  • You can literally see the spaces he left on the box. We can fucking see it, Chris.

  • The whole time i was looking at the tattoos🤣🤣. I am obsessed with those.

  • “It all fits in there quite nicely” all the pieces are spaced out and not aligned at all

  • I just created chocolate out of nothing 😑😐🤨.....bite your tongue Dean. 🤦‍♂️

  • karlbunga?

  • First of all matter cannot be created nor destroyed, so just jot that down 🤣

  • When you change the size of the box, to make it too small for the middle piece

  • You cant fool me i know how this works

  • He just cut the video and added another chocolate

  • I was told not to play with my food yet here we are

  • Nope you create smaller package rather than chocolate.

  • No u didn't create chocolate BC it's like one of those puzzles to get all the pieces into a square tray with multiple different solutions

  • Bc the thingy u took the chocolate out of is side ways so of course it will have a bonhs

  • Hahaha!

  • Ugh I could figure out how this looks but its 12:35 am and I'm to tired to give it anything more than a scan so cool its magic I guess

  • Actually, you just lost chocolate. If you weigh that before and after, it will prove just how wrong you are. The fact this illusion has been put to the test countless times and has been busted, there are still enough stupid people to fool, by using their own stupidity against them. You sir, get a thumbs down X infinity.👎🏼∞

  • Look at the edges they are not even touching the box

  • Math

  • He didn't create anything and you can see that the chocolate is smaller


  • I'm 34 dude, c'mon... math.

  • hOw dOeS thAt fIT pErFEctLy iN tHeRE gaps in the chocolate : im not here

  • Yo you were funny in the movie spiral

  • Where do you buy this?