The 3 Most SATISFYING Puzzles Ever!! 🤤

Publicerades den 3 jun 2021
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  • Avici

  • Cool

  • Where can I buy them

  • I like the heart one lel

  • So kool

  • Anyone else think the first puzzle looked like a pair of butt plugs, or has my mind gotten too dirty?

  • These are the things that I would bought and play for a few days and never touch again

  • Where can i get one ?

  • Spoilers

  • The first is to obvious to be a riddle, the second is a mess not satisfying but the last one is cute but also not really a riddle

    • Give me less than 10 seconds to accidentally break all of them. 😩

  • Not really puzzles but okie

  • All fun and games till you summon the cenobites

  • Damn tho two at the beginning do be looking like buttplugs

  • Guy: three most satisfying puzzles My mind: the forbidden butt-plugs😱

  • 😱 so satisfying puzzles 👏👏😉👍😱😱

  • My brain hurts just see that

  • Yes

  • It would be cool if you could store stuff inside them

  • I can see pinching my fingers in these puzzles.

  • They look cool and probably feel just as great as you say to fidget with but, I solved them within seconds of seeing them, for the first time, in your vid. I can't imagine they'd be satisfying to solve when they can probably just solve themselves, bouncing about in your jeans pocket with how simply they are. Also why is the comment section just obsessed with butt plugs? I see the shape of the first puzzle but is that really all it took for them to hivemind over plugs?

  • I did come 3 times

  • 😮

  • As I try to read your finger tattoos I learned nothing!

  • The most satisfying puzzle in the world is finishing one

  • Give me less than 10 seconds to accidentally break all of them. 😩

  • Better than Rubic's Cube

  • trash

  • Wooooooooow

  • I do like the second one. My friend took apart by cupping his hands and violently shaking them but couldn't get it back together

  • Me: 👁👄👁

  • what are these puzzles called

  • Am i the only one wo rhought that the First thing was a buttplug

  • More like this please

    • I wish the dislike button worked on shorts

  • These are the things that I would bought and play for a few days and never touch again

  • What’s that last one I need to get it for me and my wife it would be the perfect gift for her, she would love it and cry and be so happy, I need to know

  • I thought those were oddly shaped buttplugs, for a second. 🤣🤣

  • That is some alien technology, bruh

  • That’s a weird butt plug

  • The word satisfying has lost meaning

  • See why cant _this_ be the most amusing fidget other than rubber holes to poke

  • We knoe those are perfect weapon for students, elimating their lifespan on its on the table, more effective when exam next week

  • Get a job and have children more satisfying

  • I would want a necklace that is a puzzle shaped heart that is very satisfying to puzzle with

  • Ehh

  • That hardest puzzle is trying to solve a girl friend.

  • I wish the dislike button worked on shorts


  • Where can I get one? I need one of these

  • I know you and me was thinking the same thing at the beginning, that’s why we friends


  • The first one is part of Yugi's millennium puzzle. Once assembled, he'll unlock great power hidden inside for many many years. The pharaoh shall awaken once again and rule over Egypt

  • That last one could be a couple necklace

  • where i can get them?

  • Are These sex toys

  • It was like he was on a time limit and blurted “like this video” before time ran out. 😂😂

  • where get?

  • "These are the most satisfying.." buttplugs? "..puzzles in the world" OH right puzzles

  • The first one is so good

  • My brain go wha

  • These Gave me anxiety

  • They are the forbidden butt plugs


  • I’ve got the first one

  • At what point do the zenobytes come get ya?

  • What site did you go to to purchase the puzzles

  • I want these

  • Does anyone know how that get these puzzles?

  • It's the millennium buttplug

  • Satisfying puzzles in the world Sees the first ones: Others: 🤤

  • Name of all 3 puzzle???

  • “Most satisfying” I think most enraging would be a better name. I’d throw those little shits across the room after hours and hours of trying to put them together

  • I mean, if you didn't shamelessly say 'like this video' at the end, I actually would have.

  • The guy was right,those are the most satisfying things I've ever seen 😲😳🤯

  • The pain that you have feeling, cannot compare to the joy that's coming Romans 8:18 keep safe

  • Ur using the word satisfying weong

  • I think im having too much porn just seeing the first second i thought that was buttplug.

  • T H E F O R B I D D E N B U T T P L U G

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  • Bro wtf Idk how many brain cells I just lost-

  • Where do you get these things!! They seem sooo FUN!!💖🤩💖🤩

  • OWHHH!!!! THAT'S POG!!!

  • im literally transcending

  • I have a puzzle from the same copamny

  • Where could I find them?

  • Where can I get these puzzles!?

  • If you to be romantic get the third puzzle give her/him the half and you the other half

  • 🤤

  • I need the heart one for me and my boyfriend. Great necklace idea.

    • Found it

  • I like the second one most

  • Ive got the second one but it's way less loose and it's way more smooth 😁👍

  • You think you could add a link to where we can get them ??

    • Nevermind, I should have looked harder first !!! Thanks anyway !!!

  • This is gonna sound bad but... I thought the first puzzle were butt plugs

  • Well, duh

  • Where to buy these..???

  • I want one where can I get one

  • My mom had these around ALL👏🏽THE👏🏿TIME👏🏻!!!🤣😂 No 'bored' kids in Her home! And YES. PROUD Boomer here🙋🏽💞

  • those are some interesting butt plugs

  • I would get so mad at the second one that wouldn’t even be satisfying for me🥲

  • where i can buy those....