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Here you'll find Magic, Puzzles, Vlogs and a combination of all three.


0:56Staring in to a TRUE MIRROR!! 😦 #Shorts
23:51I Have 30 Mins to DEFUSE This Puzzle!!
I Have 30 Mins to DEFUSE This Puzzle!!visningar 377tn7 dagar sedan
22:32This JIGSAW Puzzle Hurts My Brain!!
This JIGSAW Puzzle Hurts My Brain!!visningar 318tn14 dagar sedan
0:41Human Like Eyeball Looks REAL!!👀#Shorts
9:17Street Magic for Chris Rock!!
Street Magic for Chris Rock!!visningar 247tn21 dag sedan
13:46These Playing Cards Are UNREAL!!
These Playing Cards Are UNREAL!!visningar 164tn28 dagar sedan
29:21Solving THE IMPOSSIBLE BOX (Genius Level Puzzle)
12:22Can You Fit 10 Pennies in to That?!
Can You Fit 10 Pennies in to That?!visningar 393tnMånad sedan
22:45This Robot is Better Than Most Magicians!!
14:00Solving The World's FINEST Sushi Puzzles!!
24:01Solving A Puzzle That Could Be From Star Wars!!
17:43Solving a One of a Kind Mechanical LEGO Puzzle!!
14:53Solving TWO Super Rare Japanese Puzzles!!
Solving TWO Super Rare Japanese Puzzles!!visningar 416tn3 månader sedan
15:28Solving The KEPLER Puzzle Challenge!!
Solving The KEPLER Puzzle Challenge!!visningar 459tn4 månader sedan
11:15Solving The EPIC Victory Puzzle on a MOUNTAIN!!
14:48This UFO Puzzle might be my Favorite!!
This UFO Puzzle might be my Favorite!!visningar 674tn4 månader sedan


  • They call it a jigsaw for a reason. Proceed to pull out the jigsaw

  • Where can I buy them

  • im just watchin

  • It has all sorts of Bengali alphabets on it. I can read them.

  • Creepy Factor - 1,000% y'all!!!!

  • The outline he places the pieces in, is 1/4 inch inside the actual box sides. So yea you made fewer pieces for in a smaller space. That's how it works

  • Trust me, i'll find a way

  • I like the heart one lel

  • it would make sense to me if it folds in on itself and folds out on the other end.

  • Wow.... it's just like a normal mirror, but with a flipped image...

  • Wtfcis thwt

  • Super kool, 😁

  • Bruh that looks so creepy… Where can I buy one? 🤔

  • "Willy Wonka hates this one weird trick!"

  • So kool

  • I would love to see myself how others can see me

  • Really, wow!

  • Wow

  • I want one

  • Im trying to do las Nevadas quackity cosllay but my hands are to small for this

  • I want one

  • I need to buy more puzzles.

  • Best with tug of war 🤣

  • Tf is up with the og XBOX controller? They couldn't use a small remote control for it? My AC remote is sleeker than that.

  • Poke it in it's eye

  • I want 2

  • "Thats a given" Or Is it. **vsauce music plays**

  • Damn! Who do I order one from? 👑✔️

  • Y'all know it's just twisting in his hand cause he can't grab it

  • Is the hidden room during the beginning real?

  • you look good bro

  • There is space between both sides of the chocolate bar box..... giving you the illusion that the box is actually smaller then what it really is.

  • That hat is sick bro.

  • Math nerd here. The secret is the rectangle is slightly smaller than you think. It looks like it fits in the box, but there's some space left. How much space? Exactly as much as that BONUS piece. If you somehow could border the chocolate bar with that BONUS piece, it would fit perfectly in the box.

  • Just throw it on the ground Boom it breaks, i am now the fastest person to break the record for getting the stick out.

  • but whyyyyy

  • Lol these puzzel intros remind me of the need for speed most wanted car introductions

  • Anyone else think the first puzzle looked like a pair of butt plugs, or has my mind gotten too dirty?

  • Bruh

  • Nice (balls)

  • Y u do I want it

  • These are the things that I would bought and play for a few days and never touch again

  • What was the thing about his eyes being theirs now? I didn’t understand what that means. Also why would they say or write that in text? It’s pretty freaky.

  • The finger... at least it wasn't the middle one!

  • 11:02 makes flag of nepal

  • please burn that

  • It’s sad because wether you like it or not there will always a bit of chocolate gone

  • SCP (idk) the human dice


  • Nigga spent money on a chocolate bar that spells chocolate

  • It’s made smaller

  • What 😰😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😱😱

  • Cool but who the duck would buy that outside of serial killers?

  • I remember seeing this on Kickstarter! I almost got it, but it was hella expensive.

  • Every mirror is the same ordeal

  • Fun fact: If you can forgo the moving real time experience and want to save yourself some money.... just take a selfie/picture od yourself or record a video..... boom mind-blowing experience... you'll see yourself how others perceive you. no true mirror needed for such experience... 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • It's a die!

  • I still have absolutely no clue how it works, it still just looks like some strange glitch in the matrix

  • Damn dude litteraly stole giorno's extra eye

  • Proof that chocolate is sinful.

  • That's actually a cool mirror. Think I'd buy one someday

  • Forbidden fleshlight

  • Dude the cracks of missing chocolate and corners/sides all equal up to the small piece to the right

  • That's this stupid trick everybody has already seen on the internet but despite that I can't help but being impressed by this video, I still don't get how it is possible to do that and I feel like i just saw total magic, even if I know it's a logical/maths thing 😂

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  • Thanks, I hate it.

  • Where can i get one ?

  • I would put this as a decoration and if I had a camera inside my house and saw it was getting robbed I'd mess with the people inside.

  • Spoilers

  • Ermmm , Chris ...take a selfie..and flip it...duh .. Many selfies are flipped anyway

  • Edward: That is not the law of equivalent exchange.

  • 🍪

  • Wait, the button didn't work at the end?....Shoot, the like button didn't work either...jk works just fine. Take my like. Great video as always Chris!

  • What’s it called

  • What happens when you tighten your grip

  • The afraid test interstingly disapprove because richard neurophysiologically calculate per a hard driver. cagey, acceptable laura

  • Lol. It’s just a mirror. This guys a tool trying to get views.

  • Soooo... is there a mouth piece?

  • Whoa! That was awesome. You got me. Lol

  • Pull by the ends....